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About Us

DEX-DEFT Research and Consulting (DEX-DEFT) is one of the few research-based advisory firms based in India focusing on public policy and development sectors.

DEX-DEFT’s main objectives can be summarized as:

  1. To provide research-based advisory services to Governments, multi-lateral, bi-lateral and development agencies on public policy, economic transformation, capacity building, and regional cooperation.
  2. To support the implementation of its advisory services and assist clients to achieve their objectives, DEX-DEFT undertakes the preparation, designing, and monitoring of interventions by extending technical assistance to clients.

DEX-DEFT’s areas of consulting service focus are:

  • Energy and Sustainable Development
  • Labour markets, TVET, and Higher Education
  • Value Chains, Trade Facilitation, Logistics, and Infrastructure

Our Delivery Model

Our Quality Assurance System

Tier 1 of the quality assurance system looks after the overall quality management, and aims to continuously improve processes and services. The Director in-tandem with the Advisors aim at achieving overall business excellence while encouraging involvement of all stakeholders.

Tier 2 of the quality assurance system looks after project quality management. This includes adopting appropriate guidelines, standards, checklists, templates and tools for maintaining a thorough step by step process for each project. The key reports are peer-reviewed by independent experts prior to their release.

Tier 3 of the quality assurance system looks after quality management of our collaborators' works. After our Director and senior researchers review their work, we encourage them to conduct peer-review of deliverables before submitting them to us.

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